Glasgow Subway Closures 2nd July – 31st July

Hello all! This post is about the closure of the subway system around the city, and what travel alternatives are available for you while modernization of the subway takes place.

The subway is undergoing its first full-scale improvement in 30 years this summer to modernize the tunnel system and the subway cars.  While construction takes place a replacement bus service will go to and from each subway station. This means that you will be able to get on a bus at the station you normally use, and the bus will take you to the next station in the subway circuit.

 subway circuit

For example: Hillhead Station > Buchanan Street Station

Get on the bus at Hillhead Station.  The bus will follow the normal route (Kelvinbridge > St. George’s Cross > Cowcaddens) until you come to Buchanan Street – easy!

The bus service will begin on the 2nd of July and end when the Subway returns to normal on the 1st of August.  If you are interested, here are some pictures of what the subway cars will look like after modernization:

New subway train

Alternatively, you can always reach destinations like the city centre via the rail service. The rail service is slightly more expensive than the subway and has a much more complex route, but from both Partick and Hyndland station you can catch a train into the city centre.
High level train

Of course, another alternative for getting around the city is the First Bus Service.  However, if you are using a bus please ensure you know exactly which route your bus will be travelling and which number to look for! Each bus is identified by a number which corresponds to a certain route, for example, the number 6A will take you from Great Western Road into the City Centre, but not every bus will follow that route. You don’t want to end up getting lost!

See our separate blog about using buses in Glasgow for more information:


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