Music, Dancing and Good Scottish Fun!

ben nevis

Glasgow is famous for its friendly spirit and love of good music and there are many places where you can hear traditional Scottish music – and also Irish music, as so many native Glaswegians are descended from Irish immigrants to the city. Music is a huge part of Glasgow’s history and culture, and live events are a great way to meet local people. Here are just a few ideas:

The Park Bar, 1202 Argyle Street (Finnieston)
With live music Thursday-Sunday evening, the Park Bar is always busy, friendly and fun. You can also buy food here – nothing fancy, but good old hearty Scottish stuff! There has been a pub on this site since 1873.

The Ben Nevis, 1147 Argyle Street (Finnieston) Live sessions Wed, Thu, Sun from 9pm
With live music sessions on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from 9pm, the Ben Nevis (named after Scotland’s tallest mountain) has been a friendly local favourite for many years.

Jinty McGuinty’s, 23 Ashton Lane (Hillhead)
Conveniently close to the University, Jinty McGuinty’s is a fun Irish pub, popular with students and locals, where you’ll find live music most nights of the week. And it’s cheaper than all the other bars on Ashton Lane! 😉

The Scotia, 112 Stockwell Street (City Centre East)
The oldest pub in Glasgow, on this site since 1792 and reputedly haunted, the Scotia is a small, friendly place, hosting a variety of live musicians. See their website for details:

Avant Garde, 34-44 King Street (Trongate, City Centre East)
As anyone who came to the ceilidh at the end of last term will remember, Avant Garde is one of the friendliest places in Glasgow to hear live Scottish music, watch ceilidh dancing or (even better) join in! Regular customers will help you learn the dance steps and it’s always busy on a Saturday night, so come along early (before 7:30pm) if you would like a seat.

The Big Stupit Ceilidh Band, The Buff Club, 142 Bath Lane, between Bath Street and Regent Street (City Centre)
This lively, fun ceilidh band are playing at the Buff Club on Saturday 12th April, and it’s sure to be a good night! Entry is £4, reduced to £3 if you wear an item of tartan clothing (have a look around the charity shops and see who can find the best/worst tartan hat/jumper/trousers).

Ceilidh Dance Classes, St Andrew’s in the Square, 1 St Andrew’s Square, off London Road (East End)
OK, so you know a few ceilidh steps. But do you want to ceilidh like a BOSS? Or at least better than most Glaswegians? 😉 Come along to Tricia Matthews’ fun, relaxed ceilidh dance classes at the beautiful St Andrew’s in the Square, a former church built in 1754, now used as Glasgow’s Centre for Scottish Culture. Tickets are £5.50 per person.

Important: if you are going out to a pub or bar, it’s better not to go alone, especially if you are not familiar with the area. You should arrange to go there with friends, but you will usually find local people there who are happy to help you practice your English.


Scottish Ceilidh – this Saturday

Hello everyone!

Jenny here. We hope you’re enjoying this lovely, sunny day. In Glasgow, this is what we call ‘summer’ (only joking).

If you haven’t already seen the posters, we’d like to invite you to a ceilidh this Saturday, 15th March. You must sign up by 2pm TOMORROW (Thursday 13th March). A ceilidh is a traditional Scottish dancing party – very lively, very good fun, with great music. Most Scottish people learn some ceilidh dances at school, and they are often practiced at Scottish weddings. The steps are very easy to learn, but there is no need to dance if you don’t want to. Just come and enjoy the atmosphere (and laugh at everyone else trying to master the steps!). I was never very good at ceilidh dancing at school, but I always had fun 😉

It’s very important to wear comfortable shoes (flat shoes, trainers, anything you like) because ceilidh dancing is very lively – almost like a sport!

The venue is a lovely live music venue named Avant Garde in the Merchant City area of the City Centre. The venue does sell alcohol, but also many soft drinks. Many Scottish people choose not to drink alcohol at ceilidhs anyway, as they want to ensure they are getting the steps right! Here’s a link to Avant Garde’s website:

So, here are all the details you need:

WHEN: Saturday 15th March, 8pm

WHERE: Avant Garde, 34-44 King Street, Merchant City.

COST: Free!

MEET: Outside St. Enoch Subway entrance at 7.30pm.

SIGN UP BY: Thursday 13th March, 2pm.

Hope to see you all there! Come and see if you are better dancers than me and Kern! 🙂