Having a Barbecue?


You can bring various foods to barbecue. Here is a helpful list of things that you can bring along with you.  You can buy most of these things from a local supermarket.

  1. Cheese burgers, chicken burgers and vegetable burgers. Remember to bring buns/bread and cheese too.
  2. Various vegetables can also be used, often as a side dish. Things like sweet potatoes, mushrooms, Brussel sprouts, and even corn (Maize)
  3. Fish in particular salmon fish.
  4. Different type of Kebabs which can be purchased from the local butcher.
  5. You can also bring along a Pizza.
  6. Hot Dogs
  7. Chicken Breast

Remember to bring different types of sauces, drinks etc. with you.

These links might be helpful:




For students who have a dietary requirement of Halal meats, there are many Halal meat shops in the west end. The KRK Continental meat shop is a popular place to buy your meats. This can be found on 286 Woodlands Road, Glasgow, Glasgow City G3 6NE.

Keeping Food Cool

When travelling with meat, it is a good idea to store it in a Cool Bag to keep it at a low temperature. You can buy these in the Frozen Foods section of any big supermarket, such as Tesco, Morrison’s, Asda, Waitrose or Iceland. They are usually quite cheap (around £1-£3).

Keep your cool bag in the fridge, ideally overnight, before the trip and put your meat into it just before leaving.

Barbecue Safety

Make sure your barbecue is in good working order.

Ensure the barbecue is on a flat site, well away from a shed, trees or shrubs.

Keep children, garden games and pets well away from the cooking area.

Never leave the barbecue unattended.

Never cook raw meat.

Wear safe clothing. Wear clothing that does not have hanging shirt tails, frills, or apron strings that can catch fire.

Don’t move a hot grill.

Never walk about with a barbecue of any kind, or lit charcoal


A Taste of home – in Glasgow!

We are delighted to welcome our new 40-week students to Glasgow! We hope that you will love this city as much as we do. There are lots of interesting places to buy food and eat out in Glasgow, but we know that it’s also good to have a taste of home. Check out some of our recommendations below:


East Asia: Shopping
Glasgow is home to many families with East-Asian backgrounds, with an especially large Chinese community. As a result, we have lots of great shops for buying East Asian food.

See Woo

see woo
See Woo is the largest East Asian supermarket in Scotland, selling thousands of products from China, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and more. It also has a popular restaurant.
Address: The Point, 29 Saracen Street, Hamilton Hill, Glasgow North, G22 5HT (approximately 35 minutes’ walk from the University, not very expensive in a taxi).

Lim’s Chinese Supermarket

Lim’s is a smaller shop which sells a great selection of Chinese products and foods.
Address: 63 Cambridge St, Glasgow City Centre, G3 6QX (near Cowcaddens subway station)


Chinatown sells lots of Chinese foods, cooking equipment and household items. It is Glasgow’s oldest Chinese store and has a popular restaurant.
Address: 42-46 New City Road, Glasgow City Centre, G4 9JT (near Cowcaddens subway station)

Matthews Foods

Matthews is a large East Asian superstore, selling many different kinds of food, cooking equipment and household items.
Address: Unit 1, Barrat Trading Estate, 230-260 Garscube Road, Glasgow City Centre, G4 9RR (near Cowcaddens subway station)


Eating Out
People in Glasgow love Chinese, Japanese and Thai food! There are literally hundreds of East Asian restaurants, so here are a few of the best:

Asia Style

asia style
Often described as the best East Asian restaurant in Glasgow, Asia Style is a small, family-owned business which also offers takeaway. Soft-shell crab is their most popular dish.
Address: 185-189 St George’s Road, Glasgow West (near St George’s Cross subway station)

Master Sun’s Hot Pot

master sun's
This small restaurant serves the traditional Chinese dish, hot pot, in many different varieties.
Address: 87 Cambridge Street, Glasgow City Centre, G3 6RU (near Cowcaddens subway station)

China Buffet King

china buffet
This buffet restaurant is very popular with both Scots and Chinese. All you can eat, and not too expensive.
Address: 53-55 Bath Street, Glasgow City Centre, G2 2DH (a short walk from Sauchiehall Street or Buchanan Street, near Buchanan Street subway station)


This very popular restaurant serves a mixture of food from China, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, and is a great place to watch the world go by in the City Centre.
Address: 191 Hope Street, Glasgow City Centre, G2 2UL


Middle Eastern and North African
Glasgow’s Middle Eastern community has grown a lot in the past ten years and some great shops have been opened by immigrants from Iran, Lebanon and other countries.

Babylon Supermarket

Babylon Supermarket sells a variety of Middle Eastern and North African ingredients and has a small bakery with delicious cakes.
Address: 3-5 Commerce St, Glasgow City Centre, G5 8AB (near Bridge Street subway station)

Super Asia

super asia
Super Asia is a large shop which sells many Middle Eastern and North African foods. It also has a Halal butcher.
Address: 3 Maxwell Rd, Glasgow, Glasgow South, G41 1QP (Bus number 3, 38 or 57 will take you direct to Super Asia from Union Street, City Centre)

KRK Brothers

The KRK Brothers store is very close to the University of Glasgow. It sells a wide variety of spices, cooking equipment and ingredients for Middle Eastern and South Asian cooking.
Address: 286 Woodlands Rd, Glasgow, Glasgow West, G3 6NE (near Kelvinbridge subway station)


Scherezade is a small Middle Eastern delicatessen, very close to the University of Glasgow. It sells delicious snacks to take away and cooking ingredients.
Address: 47 Bank Street, Glasgow West, G12 8NE (near Kelvinbridge subway station)

Halal butchers
Glasgow has many Halal butchers. The closest ones to the University of Glasgow are Madina Foodstore (212 Woodlands Road) and Farm Fresh Butchers (Park Road).
This website is useful for finding Halal merchants and places to eat: http://www.zabihah.com/sub/United-Kingdom/Scotland/Strathclyde/gqo838fwk2



Eating Out: Middle Eastern
Middle Eastern food is becoming very popular in Glasgow. A small number of restaurants, many of which are close to the University, serve delicious food.

Kebabs and Iranian breads are very popular at this Middle Eastern restaurant, decorated in a beautiful Persian style.

Paradise restaurants
Address: 411-413 Great Western Road, Glasgow West (near Kelvinbridge subway station)

This popular restaurant offers Iranian food with Kurdish influences. Grilled meats are a speciality.

Address: 665 Great Western Road, Glasgow West, G12 8RE (near Kelvinbridge subway station)

The Lebanese
Very close to the University, The Lebanese serves a wide variety of Middle Eastern food at reasonable prices.

Address: 27 Gibson Street, Glasgow West, G12 8NU (near Kelvinbridge subway station)

Byblos Café
This small restaurant specialises in Lebanese dishes. It also has a takeaway and delivery service.

Address: 6 Park Road, Glasgow West, G4 9JG (near Kelvinbridge subway)

The Bay Tree Café
The Bay Tree has been a popular place to eat Middle Eastern and Southern Mediterranean dishes since 1960. It is a small, friendly place, popular with families.



Glasgow’s small Russian population is growing, but there are still not many shops which specialise in Russian food.

Russian Foods UK
This store sells a wide variety of imported Russian treats, and has an excellent online shop.

93-95 High Street, Glasgow, G1 1NB


Eating Out

Café Cossachok
This Russian café and restaurant has been popular with local people in Glasgow for many years. Decorated in a traditional style, Café Cossachok also hosts live music events.

Address: 10 King Street, Merchant City, Glasgow, G1 5QP


I hope you enjoy exploring some of the lovely international food which Glasgow has to offer!

Jenny 🙂 x

In our next blog: using public transport in Glasgow

Glasgow Fair Weekend

It’s a three day weekend! So, what can you do for fun? Obviously, you can attend an EFL trip to Culzean Castle or Pollok House and Country Park on Saturday, but you might like to spend the rest of your free time exploring Glasgow.

What is Glasgow Fair?
Glasgow Fair is the oldest traditional holiday in the city, dating back to the 12th Century. It was a time when merchants would close their businesses on Fair Friday (usually mid-July) and take two weeks off. Until the 1960s, families from Glasgow would often spend these two weeks away from the city, usually travelling ‘doon the watter’ (down the water), along the River Clyde to the West Coast. They would travel on beautiful old paddle steamer ships, like the famous Waverley (which is still in use) and spend time on the beach. You might not believe that you could sunbathe on a Scottish beach, but in those days most Glaswegians had never been abroad, and perhaps didn’t really know what hot weather was! When air travel to foreign countries became cheaper and more accessible, the practice of spending your holidays in Scotland became less common, but many people have recently started doing it again, as a cheaper option.
These days (unfortunately) we only get Fair Monday off (this year, it is Monday 21st July) and many businesses stay open anyway. But there are still lots of interesting things to do!
Free Ferry Boat rides, the Riverside Museum and the Govan Stones
Until 21st September, there will be a FREE ferry service between Govan and the Riverside Museum (Glasgow’s Museum of Transport). Glasgow has a proud history of shipbuilding and this is a chance to get a glimpse into this old fashioned way of travel. Until the late 20th century, many people in Glasgow used the ferry to travel from one side of the city to the other. For example, when my father attended the University of Glasgow in the 1970s, he used to catch the ferry and then walk to University Avenue!
You can board the ferry at Govan Pier, located east of Water Row, and sail to the Riverside Museum, where entry is free, and you can see great exhibits about Scottish life and history: http://www.glasgowlife.org.uk/museums/riverside/visit/Pages/How-to-get-here.aspx

govan ferry
Or you can sail from the Riverside Museum to Govan, where there is a market at Govan Cross, selling fresh fruit, vegetables and other foods, and often some second-hand treasures. You could also visit Govan’s beautiful parish church, which is home to a unique collection of early medieval Scottish carvings, known as the Govan Stones: http://www.thegovanstones.org.uk/

govan stones
Queen’s Baton Relay
The Queen’s Baton, which contains a message from the Queen, to be read at the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony on 23rd July, has been carried by runners through 70 different countries throughout the Commonwealth area, on a 248 day journey since October 2013. Now it is returning to Glasgow, and you will be able to see the runners carrying it through Springburn Park (west Glasgow) on Sunday 20th July or Victoria Park (also west Glasgow) on Monday 21st July! There is sure to be a fun atmosphere. More specific details of where you can see the Queen’s Baton Relay are here: http://downloads.glasgow2014.com/sites/default/files/CG0424_Factsheet_Update_22_April_AW4.pdf

Day 26 of the Queen's Baton Relay in Scotland

Whatever you do, be sure to have lots on fun! 🙂


Multicultural fun, food and music in the South Side

queens park arena

It used to be an old joke that people from the West End of Glasgow would NEVER cross the river to the South Side because it was too rough and scary! Well, I grew up on the South Side and I think I turned out OK… 😉
These days, the South Side is one of most exciting parts of Glasgow, with great festivals and activities for all the family. Why not take a trip South this weekend to see what’s going on?


Southside Shinding (Queen’s Park Arena, inside Queen’s Park, near Victoria Road entrance).
WHEN: 12-5:30pm, Saturday 21st June.
COST: Free!
GETTING THERE: Train from Central Station to Queen’s Park, bus no.3/4/6/38/57 from City Centre (Union Street or Renfield Street).
This is a fun, multicultural event to celebrate the nations coming together for this year’s Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. ‘Shindig’ is an old English word for a party. You will find food, music, dance and activities from India, Pakistan, Malaysia Singapore, Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales and more!

Come along and try different dishes cooked by local community members and groups as well as professional cooks/chefs, who will show how to make (and let you taste) a great chickpea curry or a brilliant Malaysian stir fry. You could also try a new style of Scottish cuisine and buy a delicious lunch to eat in the beautiful park, where swans swim on the ponds and families from the South Side love to spend sunny days.

There will also be music workshops where you can try out an instrument like the fiddle or tabla. There will also be storytelling sessions, a dance workshop and an art workshop where you can join in!

At the main arena, there will be lots of international music, dance and song throughout the day.
Check out their website here: http://qparena.org.uk/?tribe_events=southside-shindig


Southside Souk (The Old Barn, Dumbreck Stables, inside Pollok Country Park, off Dumbreck Road)
WHEN: 12-5pm, Saturday 21 June
COST: Small donations to charity welcomed, children free
GETTING THERE: By train, Dumbreck station is 6 minutes from Glasgow Central on the Paisley Canal line, from which it’s a pleasant 10-minute walk. There are 2 trains per hour.
By bus: The 59 runs from Glasgow City Centre and stops on Mosspark Boulevard. The 34 runs from Govan to Battlefield and stops on Dumbreck Road. From the bus stops, it’s a 4-6 minute walk. If you get lost, just ask the way to Dumbreck Stables – They are just inside Pollok Country Park.
Or, if you fancy a longer walk through beautiful Pollok Country Park, where you can say hello to some cute Highland Cows along the way, you can take the number 57 bus from Union Street or Renfield Street in the City Centre, or the train from Central Station to Pollokshaws West.

This is another great multicultural event! A souk is a traditional outdoor Arab market. At this market, you will find Middle Eastern food from Habibi Kitchen, Japanese handcraft from Akiko and Naoko, Henna painting by Jyoti, second-hand books by the South African library charity, The Bookery, and African tunes and world music from Afrodeesia and David Barbarossa and much more.
Money raised from the event goes to help the Scottish Refugee Council fund services for refugees to Scotland from around the world.
Check out their website here: https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/1491483794400405/?fref=ts

A short guide to supermarkets in Glasgow!

Supermarkets in the West End and a guide to British supermarkets!

There are quite a few British supermarkets in the West End of Glasgow that may stock world foods. Normally, there will be signs hanging from the ceiling in the store to direct you to the products you are looking for.

In most British supermarkets there are self-service terminals, where you can scan and pay for your own items. There will also be service assisted terminals where the shop assistant will scan your items for you. Sometimes there are terminals that you can only go to if you have 5 items or less but this will be clearly labelled so just watch out for these!

British supermarkets come in all shapes and sizes, but there will usually be shop assistance on the floor that can help you find the items you are looking for. Otherwise, they are mainly laid out in a similar way to each other: the front of the store will have sandwiches, snacks and lunch products, this will be followed by fruit and veg counters, meat counters, including red meat, chicken and fish, ready meals, refrigerated products including dairy and then dry products. Cleaning products for the home and for personal use are normally in the middle of the store.

Tesco, 300-304 Byres Road

This is quite a small supermarket, but it will stock your essential products and it is not too far from the university. Walk towards Lilybank Gardens, turn left and go down to the stairs, turn right onto Ashton Lane (looks like a very old street with lots of restaurants). At the end of the lane, turn left and then at the bottom of the road, turn right onto Byres Road. Tesco is about 2 minutes away on your right hand side.

You will also find a much larger Tesco, with a wider (often cheaper) range of products in the City Centre, at 236 Sauchiehall Street.

Waitrose, 373 Byres Rd

Waitrose is a larger supermarket, but is a little more expensive than Tesco. It is more likely to stock world food products though. It is further along Byres road, past Tesco, it is another 5 minute walk and is located across the road on the left.

Morrison’s, 1-2 Merkland Court, at Partick subway/train station.

Morrison’s at Partick station is big and cheap! Good selection of fresh fruit, vegetables and delicatessen items, good value household items such as cleaning products, wide, reasonably priced selection of toiletries like shampoo and soap.

Iceland, 224 Byres Rd, next to Hillhead subway station

A wide selection of cheap frozen foods, with many reasonably priced non-frozen items, such as tea and coffee, fruit and vegetables, cheese and milk. Many items cost only £1.

Lidl, North Woodside Rd, Maryhill, short walk from Kelvinbridge and St George’s Cross subway stations.

One of the cheapest supermarkets in Glasgow. The range of products is not as wide as Tesco’s or Morrison’s, but Lidl has a very good selection of fruit and vegetables, dairy products, snacks and often interesting international foods.

Potluck lunch on Thursday, June 12

Holidays for the pre-sessional students are here, and I am already starting to miss Chat Club.. So, I thought a good idea would be to combine a holiday lunch with the time and day of Chat Club! The EFL team really values food culture and we are excited that we have the opportunity to share our culture (Scottish, Italian, Greek) with the pre-sessional students–and most importantly, we get to try our lovely students delicious food!

Potluck lunch is a tradition that has English roots. The first time it was used was as early as 1592 in Europe and since then it has been a great way to make friends and try out different food.
The term potluck comes from the traditional practice (not that it’s entirely unknown among us moderns) of never throwing anything away. Meal leftovers would be put into a pot and kept warm, and could be used to feed people on short notice. This practice was especially prevalent in taverns and inns in medieval times, so that when you showed up for a meal, you took the “luck of the pot.”
So, if you think you might get lucky 🙂 feel free to prepare a dish from your culture—anything counts—and join us on Thursday, June 12 at Room 130, Hetherington Building, 1.00 to 2.00 (the Chat Club room, time and day). May we say, friends and family are most welcome!

Sources: http://www.straightdope.com/columns/read/1426/whats-the-origin-of-potluck

Some tips for BBQ

One essential thing you cannot miss in UK during the summer is to have BBQ picnic party with your friends. Lying on the grassland, enjoying the lovely sunshine, and having a relax moment, all these would become luxury memory when you start to miss the sun in the winter. Here are some tips that may give you wee taste of what a BRITISH BBQ would like.

1. Find a lovely place with plenty of grassland and open area (sunshine is the bonus)
Kelburn Castle (the destination of the BBQ for this time)

Kelburn Castle is beautifully situated at the foot of a spectacular glen, 100ft above sea level, half a mile from the sea, overlooking the islands of the Firth of Clyde. One of Kelburn’s most outstanding features is its glen.

In the space of just over half a mile, the Kelburn, which has helped to form the glen over thousands of years, rises on the moors 800ft above the Castle and drops dramatically by way of waterfalls and deep gorges to the sea. The glen is a wealth of wild flowers and ferns, shrubs and trees.
Embrace the great outdoors at the Kelburn Castle which offers great walks past colourful gardens and tumbling waterfalls, and you can enjoy a barbeque.

2. BBQ facilities
Don’t worry about these. We will bring enough BBQ sets and tools and also loads of plates/cups/cutlery. You can bring yours as well.


3. Food
Vegetables (potato, tomato, lettuce, aubergine, beans, sweet corn, peppers, onions etc)
Meat (chicken thighs and wings, sausage, skewers, burgers, fish, prawn, ribs and steaks, hot dogs lamb, etc)
Snacks (crisps, falafel, samosas, hummus,bread, olives etc)
Drinks (water, juice or tinned drinks)
Dessert (cookies, cakes, fruits etc)
You can find it in any supermarket (Tesco, Iceland, Sainsbury etc). They would usually have a special section for BBQ, or “deli” section where you could find anything that do not need to put into oven. Or you are very welcome to bring meat and vegetables prepared with homemade sauce. Don’t worry that you need to feed everyone in the party. Just take enough for you and your accompanies.


4. Play and Enjoy
This is the best part of having a BBQ outdoor. You can bring soccer ball or soft ball to play for we have plenty of spaces for this kind of activities. You could take this opportunity not to think about your school nor your work, but be with your family or friends and relax.

Have fun!!