Student Spotlight

Our EFL student cohort comes from all over the world and each one of our students brings with them a unique and individual experience regarding their social and academic life. student spotlight2 This Summer the EFL team wants to hear from YOU. You’ve already learnt a bit about Amy and myself in our own blog posts, but now we want to give you the chance to tell us a bit more about yourself, your studies, and your interests. The Student Spotlight is your opportunity to take control, we’re open to any and all ideas – fancy yourself a bit of a budding reviewer, why not write us a post about your favourite Glasgow food spots? Perhaps you want to tell us a bit about your experience of studying abroad? Why not write up a post with hints and tip for new arrivals, allowing new students to benefit off of your knowledge and experience? Or maybe you just want us to know a bit more about your home culture and traditions. student spotlight1 This is a great opportunity to engage with the wider EFL unit and other Pre-sessional students, and an excellent chance to practice your written and spoken English So if you would like to get involved please contact us via our Facebook Page or just complete the surveymonkey questionnaire!


Greetings and Salutations EFL! I’m Alex.

Hi everyone! I wanted to introduce myself and give you all a little bit more information as to who am and what it is I do other than chat and munch biscuits with you guys!

So Hi!!!

I’m Alex and I’m from well, pretty much all over the place! I’m currently based in the lovely city of Glasgow which has been my home for the past two years. Currently I work in various capacities within the University, as Chief Resident of Maclay Halls, GTA in English Literature, and as a Widening Participation tutor with RIO. If you see me around campus running to and from my office feel free to say hi, if you can catch me!

I’m proud to say that I’ve lived and travelled to pretty much all corners of the globe having spent my childhood in South Africa and Brunei before moving back to England in my early teens. Having lived in so many places has given me quite a large and intense travel bug! Before moving to Glasgow in 2013 I spent 4 months travelling solo through South East Asia visiting seven countries; meeting a lot of wonderful people along the way! Below are a couple of snaps from my travels, feel free to ask me about them next time I see you!


Chilling with big cats at the Tiger Kingdom (Thailand)


Hiking in Chiang Mai

I adore travel and would love to follow in the footsteps of Amy and hit South America in the future. For now, South East Asia is one of my favourite areas in the world, the food, cultures, and landscapes are utterly stunning. Travelling through so many different countries has given me a great insight into different cultures around the world, and has given me a real appetite for Thai food!

During my time away I developed a deep interest in yoga – which I now practice weekly, busting out some pretty impressive shapes and positions when my body lets me! While on my travels I decided to take a 3 day course on Koh Tao in order to become a certified PADI advanced open-water diver which has given me access to some of the most beautiful diving spots in the world.


Diving in Bali (Indonesia)


Elephant riding (and washing!) in Laos

My interest in travel and hiking has found it’s way into my current PhD research which focuses on travel, landscapes, and ecology in contemporary British and Irish writing. The Scottish landscape is astoundingly beautiful (even when it’s raining…yes really) and consequently most of my weekends are spent either reading about landscapes and islands, or hiking across them!


So majestic.

My travel experiences have drawn me to join the EFL programme so that I may be able to interact with all the different cultures embraced by the University. I can’t wait to hear about all of your different experiences and home countries, and to maybe hear more about your path to Glasgow. If you feel like building your own travel story, or just fancy sharing something interesting about yourself, please don’t hesitate to send me something!

I’m Amy …… Mucho gusto!

Hi everyone, mucho gusto (or Nice to meet you!)  I wanted to properly introduce myself to you all so I thought I’d write a little blog with the basics.  I’ve been able to chat to lots of you at Chat Club but for those of you who don’t know me yet or those who want to know a little more about me ……. here it is!


My and my siblings!

My and my siblings!

I am from EDINBURGH, the stunning capital city of Scotland but I moved to Glasgow in 2011 to begin studying at the University of Glasgow!  I am the second oldest of four children.  My siblings and I are totally different in some ways and exactly the same in others.  For example we all have the same silly sense of humour and we are always laughing when we are together.  We like teasing each other and when we were younger we were always up to something naughty!  I have a big family on my Mother’s and Father’s side and most of them still live in Edinburgh.   I also have some family in England, USA,  Australia and Holland.

Me and my big sister!

Me and my big sister!


Me and My Fourth Grade Class

Me and My Fourth Grade Class

My street in Honduras!

My street in Honduras!

When I was 17 I spent a year in Honduras, Central America.  While I was there I taught English to a class of 19 9 year-olds!!  This was my first teaching experience and although it was very overwhelming, it was thoroughly rewarding!  I taught many classes every day to 4th grade and 8th grade students.  I also learned Spanish in the evenings.  Honduras is a beautiful country and I managed to travel through most of the country whilst I lived there.


Presto, my Bolivian hometown!

Presto, my Bolivian hometown!

In 2013 I moved to Chile to study in Santiago as part of my Spanish degree at the University of Glasgow.  After I finished my studies I spent 6 weeks in Bolivia as a Volunteer.  I volunteered in a tiny town called Presto near the beautiful city of Sucre.  Here, I worked with indigenous women and promoted literacy in Spanish.  I did this by teaching the women new recipes every day from all over the world.  We made lots of delicious cakes, onion bhajis and potato scones and all whilst the women improved their reading and writing skills!


Travelling has become a really important interest of mine.  So far I have been to 22 countries and have seen so many wonderful things and met so many incredible people on the way.  Here are a few photos I have taken during my travels.

Me and friends in Bolivia!

Me and friends in Bolivia!

Me and my family in Chile!

Me and my family in Chile!


Chat Club is all about building up an international community here in Glasgow!  So it would be great to hear more about all of you.  So as the weeks go by, please feel free to send in something about yourself with a few photos and the next blog could be about you!! Send it to