Glasgow Subway Closures 2nd July – 31st July

Hello all! This post is about the closure of the subway system around the city, and what travel alternatives are available for you while modernization of the subway takes place.

The subway is undergoing its first full-scale improvement in 30 years this summer to modernize the tunnel system and the subway cars.  While construction takes place a replacement bus service will go to and from each subway station. This means that you will be able to get on a bus at the station you normally use, and the bus will take you to the next station in the subway circuit.

 subway circuit

For example: Hillhead Station > Buchanan Street Station

Get on the bus at Hillhead Station.  The bus will follow the normal route (Kelvinbridge > St. George’s Cross > Cowcaddens) until you come to Buchanan Street – easy!

The bus service will begin on the 2nd of July and end when the Subway returns to normal on the 1st of August.  If you are interested, here are some pictures of what the subway cars will look like after modernization:

New subway train

Alternatively, you can always reach destinations like the city centre via the rail service. The rail service is slightly more expensive than the subway and has a much more complex route, but from both Partick and Hyndland station you can catch a train into the city centre.
High level train

Of course, another alternative for getting around the city is the First Bus Service.  However, if you are using a bus please ensure you know exactly which route your bus will be travelling and which number to look for! Each bus is identified by a number which corresponds to a certain route, for example, the number 6A will take you from Great Western Road into the City Centre, but not every bus will follow that route. You don’t want to end up getting lost!

See our separate blog about using buses in Glasgow for more information:


Hi! From Nathan Speirs

Hello! My name is Nathan, I may have met some of you already during your introductory lecture and campus tour but I thought I would introduce myself properly here. I am a final year student studying an English Language and English Literature MA here at the university. I have worked for EAS previously, and there’s a good chance that if you have friends who did a pre-sessional course last year I might know them!  I’m here as an intern for EAS until September, and I’m really looking forward to getting to know you all at Chat Club and during our weekend trips. Firstly, though, let me just briefly tell you a little bit more about myself.


(I have a wide repertoire of faces for all occasions)

I am 21 years old and I have lived in Glasgow for most of my life. I was born right in the city centre and grew up in a town just outside of Glasgow, but I moved back here when I was 13 years old – so I am well suited to give you a little bit of insight about the city and what it is like living here. If you have any questions for me, please ask! I’m nice I swear!

Once I graduate from university my goal is to save up money for a Master’s degree at the university, just like most of you will be studying in September. I believe in pursuing one’s aspirations and I am very interested in doing some research into narrative from a linguistic perspective as part of further study in English Language. I considered becoming a teacher but decided against it in order to pursue further study at Glasgow, it’s going to be tough and involve a lot of hard work if I want to keep studying but I’m willing to do it! I know a lot of you will be in a similar situation and are very hard workers, I will no doubt be chatting to you about this at chat club if you attend.


My other main goal for the future is to travel a little bit; unlike most of you I am not very well travelled and am hoping to change this. I have travelled to France, Holland, England, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland in my life, but would like to travel more around Europe and outside of it in the coming years. If you would like to tell me a little bit more about your home country I would love to speak to you because it will give me an insight into what life is like in your home country, who knows, maybe I will travel there!


I recently wrote and completed my dissertation, which was about the nature of narrative in video games. If you have an interest in video games I am always willing to chat about it, I love video games and I’m hoping to study them further in the future.


Nathan 2

(Me with my dissertation at the quadrangles before handing it in)


I currently live in the west end with two housemates and two small but devious cats, but my family live in the east end of Glasgow, where I am originally from. At home I lived with my mum, dad, sister, grandmother, grandfather and my dog. You may notice that I regard my dog as part of my family, and you will definitely hear me talk about my dog a lot during the summer. In my spare time I read fantasy novels or science fiction novels, play and write music, play video games, go to bars and clubs with my friends, or go on drives to the countryside with my girlfriend. I enjoy hillwalking a lot and regularly exercise at the gym, although I don’t go as often as I should.

Nathan 3.png

(I like animals, can you tell?)

So, that’s it for my brief but hopefully entertaining introduction! I hope to see you all on the trips and at chat club, don’t be shy!


Hi! from Hannah Deighan

My name is Hannah Deighan and I am one of the new EAS Student Support Interns for this year. I am a final year student studying English Literature and History at Glasgow, so I will be graduating this summer. I am from a town on the outskirts of Glasgow, and I spent last year studying abroad in the United States, so I know how it feels to move abroad!

In my spare time, I take ballet classes, and I am a member of Glasgow University’s dance society, ‘Dancemania’. With Dancemania, I take part in a show every year, and take weekly dance classes in the Glasgow University Union and Queen Margaret Union. Apart from dance, I play the violin, have a part time job in a clothes shop, and love to travel at weekends. I am really looking forward to the weekend trips as part of our social programme, because I will get the chance to visit some of my favourite places in Scotland, and some new places too! I look forward to getting to know you all this year, and hope you have a great experience in Glasgow.

Hi! from Amy Koyman

Hi, I’m Amy Koyman and I am one of your Student Support Interns. I am currently a 3rd Year undergraduate Philosophy student. I’m originally from Scotland’s capital city Edinburgh but I have lived and studied in Glasgow for the past four years. I love the city and I’m sure you will have a great time studying here – if you can look past the bad weather!

I enjoy arts and crafts and have occasionally run workshops on things like tie-dying and bracelet making. I also enjoy travelling and have backpacked across much of Eastern Europe, Costa Rica, Peru and Bolivia. In Costa Rica, I volunteered on a small farm in the rainforest planting pineapples and harvesting avocado. I studied Spanish in Bolivia for a few weeks (but I’m not very good at it!)

Last year, I was a member of International Student Support’s Welcome Team. Most of the job was greeting international students at the airport who were arriving to studying degree or postgraduate courses at the University of Glasgow. It was great to meet so many international students, so I’m looking forward to meet all the pre-sessional students this year. Come say hello at Chat Club or come along to one of our fantastic trips!

Restaurants in Glasgow

When it comes to eating in Glasgow you have plenty choice!  There are loads of restaurants to choose from in the city centre and along the West End.  These restaurants range from Italian and Greek to Indian and Chinese, and even some that do a bit of everything.

When choosing a restaurant it’s best to check if there are any deals or discounts available and try to get the best price.  For example, some restaurants may offer 2 or 3 courses for a fixed price on certain days of the week and before a certain time.  However, if the restaurant doesn’t advertise offers on its website or menu you may be able to find some on the following websites:




If you are going to a restaurant for the first time, it is usually best to look at the reviews before you.  A useful website for this is TripAdvisor.  Reading reviews can help you decide where to go (and sometimes where not to go):

Bear in mind that at busy times you may need to reserve a table in advance.  You usually need to tell the restaurant when booking if you plan to use a discount voucher or if you have purchased a deal in advance.

In any case, the best way to find a good restaurant is to ask a local so get chatting to your fellow students and use their recommendations to find your new favourite restaurant!

Using buses in Glasgow

Buses are run by several different private companies.  The largest company in Glasgow is First Glasgow*.

Fares vary according to the distance travelled.  For a single journey fare you can simply tell the driver where you will get off the bus and ask how much the fare is.

Carry plenty of loose change as you must have the exact fare to put into the box next to the driver, most buses do not give change.  You must collect your ticket.

You can also buy an ‘all day’ ticket which gives you unlimited travel on any bus run by that company  all day.  If you use the bus regularly then you can buy weekly or monthly tickets which can save money (student discount is available on some of these tickets).  These tickets are also only valid for one bus company.  If you want a ticket that is valid for all bus companies then you will need to purchase a zone card which is also valid for rail travel and the subway:

*First Glasgow now have an app where you can buy tickets in advance using your smartphone.  For more information, visit their website:

To stop a bus you need to stand at a bus stop and hold your hand out, otherwise the bus may not stop.

Keep your ticket during the journey as sometimes inspectors carry out checks.

When you are near your destination, move towards the door near the driver indicating that you wish to get off at the next stop.  Alternatively, some buses have stop buttons that you can press to indicate that you want the bus to stop at the next bus stop.  Use the same door for ascending and descending on most buses.


For more information on all bus timetables, visit:

Alternatively, you can visit the individual bus companies’ websites.


For more information about other types of travel, see your International Student Handbook.



On Monday 28th September 2015 we’ll welcome the first of our 2015/16 Pre-sessional students.  We can’t wait to meet you!

We’re looking forward to getting to know you all at Chat Club and when we go to visit beautiful places in Glasgow and Scotland.

Remember, Chat Club is on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1-2pm in the Student Common Room, Hetherington Building.  Chat Club is a chance to practise your informal English in a relaxed setting.

See you all on Monday!

Best wishes,

Kerry Sharkey
Student Support Team Leader